Sunday, 11 January 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

At the end of my last post I commented that I had to go so I thought I would share with you the where's and how's of it all.
Matty had to take a small truck down to someone in Victoria (Loch Sport) so I decided I would go with him to keep him company (probably not that helpful considering I usually fall asleep not long after leaving home but anyway). Matty worked all day friday so we weren't able to leave as early as we had planned. We left home at 8.30pm driving the truck that does maximum speed of 85-90km per hour. I had a bit of a drive to give Matty a break and then he took over again. We had to have the truck at Loch Sport in time to catch the 1.15pm train to Melbourne from Sale (45 min drive from Loch Sport) so this meant there was not a lot of time for sleeping. Because of the truck's speed it took a good couple of hours extra to get there than it normally would. By the time we got there Matty was extremely tired as you would expect after starting work at 6.00am friday morning; anyway we did well for time. We then got a lift to Sale to catch the 3 hr train trip to Melbourne to then catch a bus the the aiport and a plane back home to Sydney where we caught a taxi to Chipping Norton where Matty works to pick up the car to drive home to Thirlmere a 50 minute drive. By the end it felt a little like we were playing the game 'The Amazing Race' only we weren't running everywhere thank goodness. Anyway we got home at 10.10pm Saturday night and went straight to sleep.
Anyway I hope everyone has had a good weekend.

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